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ISC Innovation was founded by Uday Kagal in 2005 as “Innovation Social Consultants” because our core competency lay in innovation, and our passion for social good. Uday brings a unique perspective, having worked for 30+ years across the business and development sectors in India and abroad, and has facilitated over 75 innovation programs.

After he graduated from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) in 1987 (which he deliberately chose over a regular MBA because it promised a more meaningful life, which he has never regretted!), he spent four years with PRADAN (an NGO) on livelihood promotion in rural Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (now Chhattisgarh), and a year in agro-input marketing. He later also started a Social Enterprise to provide market access for rural artisans.

He then spent ten years in Market Research agencies (seven in Dubai servicing Unilever across the NAMET region), then joined Hindustan Unilever Limited in 2001 to lead Consumer & Market Insight for the Indian Skin Care business and across Asia. He joined HSBC Bank in 2004 to set up an integrated Customer function across Market Research, Database Analytics, and CRM, before starting ISC Innovation in 2005.






The premise for ‘Innovation for Good’ is based on Uday’s recent book (under development) “Has humanity lost the plot? A brown man’s perspective” that challenges the prevailing narrative that ‘civilization’ has meant ‘progress.’ It also draws from his previous book “Dare to Care: One possible future for corporations (and the world) [2017]” that questions the current business environment and suggests new alternatives. Incidentally, he has also published a book “Philanthropy Sucks! It only perpetuates dependencies [2013],” which suggests that charity is not the solution, and Social Enterprise a more sustainable one.


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