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A World

We often struggle between doing ‘well’ and doing ‘good,’ but invariably choose the former. The world too is divided along these lines, with corporations doing ‘well’ (but insisting they do ‘good’), and Civil Society doing ‘good’ (and maintaining they do it ‘well’). But the reality is that the former cares less about societal and environmental impacts (although many are talking about it today); the latter is unconcerned about capital accountability (although they say they are).

We conducted a ‘Discovery’ in 2012 across the corporate and social domains and found an inherent dichotomy between the two. While businesses are ‘running without purpose,’ the social sector is ‘standing purposefully.’ The former is competent, the latter committed – a world divided!

Corporations are single-mindedly focused on profits; employees busy with going through the motions to lead comfortable lives. Engagement is poor, and the interaction transactional and self-serving. Doing ‘good’ is that much more difficult! Civil Society struggles to balance between the tough conditions of doing ‘business’ and an unresolved ecosystem as it transitions towards accountability, scale, and sustainability. Doing it ‘well’ is all the more challenging!

the Status Quo

We challenge teams to think about how they think, inspire them to pursue absurd aspirations – preferably for ‘good’ – and co-create innovative solutions that provide sustainable differentiation. To create new value for consumers/ customers, engage with the world for exploration (not validation), and get more personal. Not an easy task!

We help Corporates build meaningfully differentiated brands, and Civil Society create and deploy scalable and sustainable solutions – through uncovering fresh insights, generating radical ideas, and creating breakthrough concepts.

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